BetterPonymotes (current release: v66.270)

BetterPonymotes is a browser addon to display ponymotes across Reddit. This means things like [](/c01) will work outside of r/mylittlepony, but also that ponymotes from other subreddits (such as [](/rose6)) will work across the site.


Over 140 subreddits and 10,000 emotes. Never miss another hidden emote.

Powerful built in search. Search by name, subreddit, or even by tag- every emote at your fingertips. Click the emotes button under every comment box.

Global emotes. Use emotes outside of Reddit!

Flexible and configurable. Choose which emotes or subreddits you want to see.

Alt-text reveal. Shows hover text hidden on emotes, so you don't have to.

Easy configuration. Every option easily accessible.

Chaos script built in. Rotate, flip, spin flags, and more.

Emote click blocker.


Before installing, remember to remove any other emote scripts you have installed. BetterPonymotes replaces all of them and then some, and leaving them will slow your browser down or cause conflicts. Remember to check your UserScripts as well, if you have any.

Chrome, Opera 15+, & Vivaldi

BetterPonymotes is available on the Chrome Webstore.

Chrome users can click this button:

Opera users may need this extension first.

Firefox 58+ & Firefox Mobile

Install the addon from we/betterponymotes.xpi.

Firefox should handle the file automatically. If not, download the file and drag it onto Firefox.

Older Firefox & Derivatives (XUL)

Install the addon from xul/betterponymotes.xpi.

Firefox should handle the file automatically. If not, download the file and drag it onto Firefox.


PonyMotes for Android is maintained by /u/DinsFire64, and works well in combination with Relay for reddit.

Other Platforms

Chrome derivatives can usually install from the Chrome Webstore. No support for other browsers, other Android reddit applications, or iOS devices is currently available.


BetterPonymotes is periodically updated with the latest emotes and features. Your browser will download these automatically.


Bug reports, feature requests, questions, general feedback or anything else should be directed to the subreddit.


BetterPonymotes is free and open source software distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License. The source code is available on GitHub; pull requests are welcome.

Supported Subreddits

BetterPonymotes gets its emotes from the following subreddits. If yours isn't on this list, and you'd like it to be, make a request on r/betterponymotes.